Published work

Here’s what one CEO had to say about Joe’s writing “Joe Santana is a tremendous source of information, ideas and strategic thinking about diversity and inclusion. Joe writes in a way that is very easy to grasp, but he doesn’t shy away from the complex issues that businesses must face today. He is a leading thinker in the U.S. today on the key competencies for making diversity and inclusion a primary focus for business in any economic climate.”

Paper and ebooks

Generating Effective Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices for Your Business to Business Environment This 16 page white paper by Joe was first published by Diversity Best Practices. It explores the B2C roots of many diversity and inclusion practices and focuses on why B2B’s need to develop their own approaches and how they can do it.

Reaching for the Next Level This 7-page executive briefing paper explores the current state of diversity and inclusion efforts, why we are stuck and provides a solution for moving forward.

Increasing ERG/BRG ROI To get more value out of ERG/BRG’s organizations need to make strategic investments. This 14-page executive briefing paper provides the tools you need to determine the true cost and value production of your ERG/BRG Portfolio as well as where you need to make investments. (Click below for a very short, but high impact 1 minute and 42 second video that sums up all the reasons why organization that do not invest in their ERG leaders are being penny-wise and pound foolish).

Features articles

Here are a few examples of his writing across a number of magazines:

Searching for Candidates Can Be Like Digging For Buried Treasure In this Chief Learning Officer Magazine article, Joe talks about how ERGs might just be the solution for organizations seeking to develop leaders at every level.

Don’t Just Try to Eradicate Bias – Build Bridges of Inclusion  In his Insight Into Diversity article, Joe explains why unconscious bias training alone often fails to create the inclusion organizations seek and points to a better solution.

Turning Your Subconscious Enemy Into Your Inclusion Ally In this Insight Into Diversity article, Joe recommends a new approach for creating inclusion. Instead of trying to teach your team members how to fight their subconscious, what if we turn the subconscious into an inclusion ally?

How to Maximize the Business Impact of Your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts In this Chief Executive Magazine article, Joe talks about specific things CEOs can do to drive business benefits from their workforce diversity.

Preparing Diversity and Inclusion for a World of Work Beyond Employment In this i4cp Productivity Blog, Joe explores the steps organizations must take to leverage the diversity of a workforce comprised of more than employees.

4 Ways to Get on the Road Toward Real Inclusion – Part 2 In this i4cp Productivity Blog, Joe continues to explore some of the things organizations need to work on to become more inclusive.

4 Ways to Get on the Road Toward Real Inclusion – Part 1 In this i4cp Productivity Blog, Joe explores some of the things organizations need to work on to become more inclusive.

6 Thoughts from Diversity Leader Joe Santana This short article by Adam Harkness of i4cp captures Joe Santana’s thoughts on the present state and future of diversity and inclusion.

Employee Resource Groups: A Necessity in the Social Capital Dependent Organization This Expert Insight article was published in hard copy in the 2010 National Affinity Network Congress book by Diversity Best Practices

Encouraging Work-Life Balance Can Boost Your Bottom Line An article published by the American Management Association that focuses on how companies can improve their bottom line by encouraging work-life balance.

Managing Remote Cross-Cultural Teamwork A CIO Update column that focuses on how to prepare for remote cross-cultural partnerships that work.

Coaching managers for peak team performance An article published in that focuses on how HR professionals can help IT managers drive real performance improvements from their teams without burning them out.

Lose control, gain sanity An article published by Small Business Technology Review Magazine designed to help business owners and managers decide what to outsource and how to gain the greatest degree of benefits from outsourcing. The article is in PDF format. ( Click here if you need to first obtain a free Adobe Acrobat reader).