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Free Resources

Listed here are free resources. Many were originally developed for IT organizations, but all offer value to any professional services organization. For ease of reference, this section is divided into two sections: “Papers” and “Blog”

Papers . . .

  • 7 Tips to Better Manage IT A 36 page PDF containing seven tips that you can immediately use to better manage an IT team or organization.
  • Get An In-Depth Introduction to IT Management for Less Than $200 A one-page PDF containing a list of six books that are must reads for experienced and new IT managers and technical professionals aspiring to a future role in management.
  • Outsourcing Article Collection A one-page Word file containing a list of five articles by Joe on the topic of IT outsourcing along with URL links to each article. (A box may appear on your screen asking that you login in order to download this file. Simply click on “CANCEL” and you will be able to download the file).
  • Designing Your New IT Winning Strategy A 26 page PDF that contains the presented slides and participant discussion notes from a recent executive workshop discussion led by Joe.
  • ROI: The New IT Buying and Selling Process A 12-page PDF contributed by Glomark, a company that helps technology providers and buyers assess the value of technology solutions and service, on the new "ROI-driven" IT buying and selling process.

Blog . . .

  • IT Career/Management Strategy Blog - Link to a blog that contains valuable and timely information to help you navigate your career and manage business strategies, including topics such as technical training, leadership development, and succession planning.