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Preventing Newly Promoted IT Manager Profit Erosion

Five Simple Things HR Managers Can Do to Reduce Their Companies’ Share
of a $350 billion a year Erosion of Profitability due to Blunders by New Managers

NEW YORK – July 15, 2002

ULiveandLearn, a leading eLearning solutions provider of critical business skills training for individuals and organizations, has developed a live, Web-based program for HR managers called "Manage I.T. - Preventing Newly Promoted IT Manager Profit Erosion" with author and trainer Joe Santana, a Siemens Business Services director and co-author of the forthcoming book “Manage I.T."

“According to industry studies, U.S. companies lose about $350 billion a year in profitability due to having disengaged workers, a condition that is driven primarily by poor management. Nowhere is this a bigger challenge than in I.T.,” says Santana. “This is clearly an area where the Human Resources group can add a great deal of quantifiable value to a business by taking simple steps to prevent significant profitability erosion.”

Manage I.T. , a fully supportive training program provide the tools for HR managers to significantly reduce their company’s share of this $350 billion erosion by . . .

1. Identifying management-competent candidates
2. Identifying candidates who want to be managers
3. Assuring that candidates know the pros and cons of the new position before accepting
4. Reorienting candidates into their new roles, using a “lifecycle management” approach rather than just piling new job training on top of an “old job” foundation *
5. Providing newly minted managers with coaching for the first three to six months

* Santana says this approach enables Siemens Business Services to maintain high

performance and a turnover rate below industry standards, despite the fast pace of promotion and lateral movement

The hour-long ULiveandLearn Live Webcast seminar is designed to explore ways in which enterprise HR teams can implement these action steps in their companies, specifically using the practical ideas presented in Manage I.T. “While 'Manage I.T.' is written for technology professionals, it is also a great tool for HR managers,” states Jim Donovan, the author and internationally respected performance coach who co-wrote “Manage I.T.“

“We are excited about this new course offering, both from the timeliness of the subject matter and the flexibility of the program’s design. Our clients find great value in offering alternative learning options to their employees and the 'Manage I.T.' program utilizes ULiveandLearn's flexible Learning solutions by offering packages that include live Webcasts, the 'Manage I.T'. book, coaching and online courseware," says Denise Easton, CEO and founder of ULiveandLearn. "We believe that this program will grow both in market reach and in depth of content as customized program options and employee training programs are implemented."

A preview of the program can be viewed on an archived webcast at

To register for the Webcast seminar, “Preventing Newly Promoted IT Manager Profit Erosion,” go to the ULiveandLearn site ( and click on Manage I.T. in the Featured Programs box. Registrants for this seminar will receive an ebook copy of “Manage I.T.“, access to an online support course and the archived recording of the webcast portion of the program. The initial webcast seminar is scheduled for Thursday September 19, 2002 from 1:00 -2:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Early registration is recommended, as there is a limit to number of participants per session.


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Manage I.T. (ISBN# 096505349-0 Lahaska Publishing, Buckingham, PA) was written by Joe Santana, a Director with Siemens Business Services and Jim Donovan, an internationally acclaimed inspirational author and coach.