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To paraphrase from Eliyahu M. Goldratt's theory of constraints, "a business operation is only as strong as it's weakest link." Now CIOs and other IT executives who face the increased challenges to drive business value can strengthen all of their management team links, from the IT team leader rookie to the more experienced manager by giving them a copy of the highly acclaimed IT management book, Manage IT. Below are expert reviews and reader comments followed by links that enable you to buy Manage IT the book from Amazon or the ebook for instant delivery at the bottom of this page.

ken - joe

Here is what one of the worlds most respected management gurus and a best-selling author had to say about Manage I.T. “This easy to read, practical book bridges the gap between management and technology skills. Reading Manage I.T. and applying the principles it contains will make you a better manager and help you add more value to your organization. I highly recommend it.” - Ken Blanchard, co-author The One Minute Manager

(Photo of Ken Blanchard with Joe Santana at one of the stops in Ken's Power of One Tour)


"This is clearly a landmark book in that it is really the first to fully integrate notions of IT value with the IT workplace at the group and individual level. People have talked about the role of "people" in achieving business and IT results. This book makes the tie-in from end to end like no other book has. Simply outstanding."

Dr. Howard A. Rubin, Member of the Board, EVP META Group, Inc


"Manage I.T. is a valuable reference of actionable insights and instructions for IT leaders. Clearly explaining both fundamentals and complexities, Santana and Donovan present examples and resources illustrating how to maximize leadership skills and avoid blunders that can ruin an IT career. From mistakes made in hiring; to a guide for determining how much of the IT budget should be invested in running, growing or transforming the company's business; to advice on how to benefit you and your IT team if your company decides to outsource your function, it's a guidebook no IT manager should miss reading."

Peter Bendor-Samuel, Chief Executive Officer, Everest Group, author, Turning Lead Into Gold:
The Demystification of Outsourcing

Priscilla Tate

"Manage I.T. is a mentoring book that will help both business managers who need to understand technology and technology managers who need to understand business. Santana and Donovan have created a much needed reality-based management workbook. Manage I.T. is self-help at its best-- full of totally pragmatic advice and illustrated with real world business nuggets.²

Priscilla Tate, Founder and Executive Director Technology Managers Forum

"Great topic and well-written."

- Bradford D. Smart, PH.D., President Smart & Associates, author TopGrading

Joe Sabrin

"Every IT manager and would-be-IT manager should read this book and learn how to prevent blunders that are costly to their company and to their personal career. Those targeting the next level will find this book an excellent tool for giving themselves an IT career health-check."

Joseph Sabrin, EVP and Founder
(Former founder and President of Data Executives, PC Etcetera, and
ManTech Computer Services, Inc.)

Reader Comments:
stars Highly recommended!, November 8, 2002

Reviewer: lisabrunell from Cincinnati, OH United States

There is a common misconception that successful IT employees naturally make successful IT managers. In reality, being a manager requires a completely different skill set from that needed by a programmer, a technician, a network admin or any other IT professional. Many of us who work in the IT industry have found ourselves at the proverbial fork in the road of our careers. Do we take the promotion to manager we’ve just been offered or do we continue on in our technical career? The first section of this book walks you through an exercise in soul searching that will help you make the right decision. The sports team analogy is used in the book to help illustrate this: do you want to give up being a player to become a coach? There is no shame in saying “No, I love playing too much to give it up to coach others.”

If you’ve searched your soul and found that the management track really is for you then this book will be invaluable to you as you prepare to take on your new career. You’ll learn about what it means to be a manager and what skills you’ll need to grow in order to be successful. The importance of getting to know your employees and their strengths and talents; and then managing those people and those talents, is covered in the book.

This book is an excellent resource. The authors provide numerous real-life examples and share their own experiences as ways to support the topics covered. Each chapter ends with action items for you to complete to help reinforce the material. Also, do not overlook the bonus chapter at the end of the book. As a manager, you will have to deal with change, especially when it comes to your employees. You will inevitably hire new employees into your team and transition others out. Dr. Couture’s Employee Lifecycle HR Model will help you and your organization ensure that your employees are fully supported from recruiting through succession planning for each stage of their careers with you. I strongly recommend this book for anyone in or considering getting into IT management.

stars Excellent. Useful and Timely!, November 13, 2002

Reviewer: A reader from NYC

Manage I.T. is very useful and timely book. It addresses two big concerns that IT professionals face today. Avoiding a career change that may result in career disaster and quickly coming up to speed in the role of the manager if they do decide to make the move. In our current economic environment where people are pushed into new jobs as companies downsize and quickly judged as successes or failures in these new jobs, the Manage I.T. book can be a lifesaver. Thank you Joe and Jim.

stars Great book for the aspiring IT manager, April 14, 2003

Reviewer: Jon C Piot from Dallas, Texas

Manage IT is a well-written, well-organized book that will help the aspiring IT manager or the newly promoted IT manager be more successful in their new job. Manage IT highlights the critical skills, techniques, and key learnings required to avoid the pitfalls made most by new IT managers.

The book walks through the demands of the IT management role, how to align your team with key business objectives, how to motivate and manage your team, how to build a staffing plan, how to give feedback, and how to let go of your previous job so it does not impact your new role. Two core skills are discussed in-depth including buying IT products and services and how to deal with outsourcing that are very instructive to those who have not built those skills.

I found the chart in Chapter 2 on aligning the IT strategy with business objectives to be very useful. Additionally I liked the "Action Items" at the end of each chapter that help drive home important points in the chapter and get the reader started on analysis pertinent to his/her specific situation.

Manage IT at 150 pages can be read quickly and provides great information that will help anyone stepping into an IT management role.

stars At last a transitional coaching tool for IT managers, July 2, 2003

Reviewer: A reader from Boston, MA

Reading Manage I.T. is like having a transitional coach walk you through the process of moving from an individual contributor into an IT management role. Even people who have been managers for a number of years, but who've skipped learning the important lessons in this book will benefit. This book should be part of every IT managers library and every IT management training program.

stars Excellent for new IT managers, August 13, 2003

Reviewer: Jack Peterson, an IT manager

Great book for people that need to know how to manage people in the IT world.

stars IT Management Mentor in a Bottle, March 5, 2004

Reviewer: A reader from New York City

Whether you are a new IT manager or an experienced one that wants to gain some of the new competencies required for success in today's environment, you will find that this book has all the essentials - in a compact easy to digest format. I also highly recommend it for people who are looking for an alternative to IT management books that are loaded with the same-old metrics.

Quotes on Use For Manage IT from the Workforce Magazine Web site

Advising others on how to use Manage IT, one HR/OD reader had this to say "I'm with an IT company, definitely working with SME to manager issues. We opted to purchase books for our people to address these issues, rather than creating from scratch. It was a more cost-effective use of our budget rather than dedicating salary to creating from scratch. Recommendations: "Successful Manager's Handbook" ( and "Manage IT" by Joe Santana and Jim Donavan.
We then link these books to other development activities we offer."

Another comment in the Workforce Magazine website had this to say about how HR/OD can use Manage IT to help technical people understand the role of being a Manager: "From an IT perspective, a key issue is to find out whether a technical SME truly understands the role they will need to play as a manager. Is that something that can now "jazz" them? If not, it's the wrong move and no amount of training or mentoring will help switch the mindset. A great book I've found useful for IT groups is "Manage IT" by Joe Santana and Jim Donovan. It's very useful to SME's who are considering a move to management, as well as new technical managers. We routinely give this book out to interested high-potentials and newly promoted managers."



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