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Joseph Santana, LLC  Facilitation


Joe is a highly energizing facilitator with decades of business leadership experience. Through business and facilitation skills acquired over years of practical experience, he creates an environment that drills deep into key areas and engages all participants in the development of the best strategic and tactical solutions.

Here is a quick overview of his a seven-step group meeting facilitation approach

1. We begin with an initial 15-minute phone meeting to determine your general needs, share what we can offer and determine if we should schedule a 90-minute meeting preparation consultation.  There is no cost for this meeting.

2. Joe meets with you for 90-minutes to help you clearly define the goals for your meeting and discuss different alternative approaches with you so that you can pick the one that is the best for you and your organization. At the end of this meeting, you mutually decide if it makes sense to go forward. There is a nominal cost for this planning meeting.

3. We then prepare a detailed facilitation meeting agenda draft. This is used to visualize the overall meeting plan in detail and enable us to work together to finalize the approach. At this time, we can also explore if we have all the right people invited as well as resources needed in the meeting room.

4. From the finalized detailed meeting agenda, we create the less detailed participants version of the agenda for release to meeting invitees.

5. As we facilitate the meeting/retreat, we work closely with you or your representative to adapt the approach as events unfold.  We keep the attendees focused, on time and on task.  If something important comes up that is not on the agenda we capture it in a parking lot.

6. After the meeting, we collect all documented action items and materials and provide them to you in a summary report.

7. After we send you the report, we schedule a 90-minute post-meeting debrief to go over the report and any go-forward suggestions.

To take the first step and schedule a time to meet to see if we can help you with your next meeting, please click here to go to the digital scheduler and select a time that works best for a 15-minute phone meeting.



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