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The focus of Joe's coaching is with two groups: One is large organization C-level executive leaders (e.g., CDO) seeking to achieve a higher level of performance and success. The second group is comprised of small business owners, CEOs and Managing Partners who want to grow their business and get more out of life personally. These small businesses are usually in the 2 to 20 million dollar range and can have 10 to a few hundred employees (These are just estimates and numbers do vary above and below these averages).

Whether you are a large corporate executive below the CEO level or the owner of a business, your personal and company success hinges on your personal effectiveness as a leader. As you increase your self-awareness, communication skills, ability to adapt and ability to influence others, you and your entire organization will reap benefits.

As a coach my goal is to help you build a better version of yourself. A version of yourself that addresses opportunities and challenges in a manner that maximizes the benefits you derive in both your personal and business life. We do this by working together in a challenging, yet supportive, feedback rich peer relationship where we question assumptions and encourage surfacing your own hidden well of competencies.

Here are just 8 examples of issues we can tackle together:

1. Increasing Your Executive presence – Learn how to project your natural self-confidence and poise when under pressure. Find and project your own authenticity. Convey a balance of empathy, warmth and strength. Inspire trust and buy-in.

2. Hiring and Engaging the Right Talent – Learn how to make better hiring decisions and avoid costly hiring mistakes. Learn how to engage the right people for your business.

3. Improving Communication –  Create messages that are clear and confident.  Avoid costly, confusing miscommunication. Develop a blend of persuasive leadership competencies that inspire trust, enthusiasm and buy-in.

4. Breaking Past Artificial Self-Imposed Invisible Barriers – Get unstuck from doing the same thing and trying to get a different result. Surface and identify how your internal autopilot is holding you back so that you can move forward to the next level of performance.

5. Bolstering Your Conflict management Skills – Develop the skills needed to address conflicts quickly and in a productive way.

6. Increasing Emotional Intelligence – Develop your capacity to be aware of, control, and express your own emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships in an empathetic way that produces optimal results..

7. Increasing Your Ability to Lead and Manage Local and Global Diverse Teams  Learn how to be a leader that gets the best out of everyone and turns a group of very different people into a cohesive high-performing team.

8. Creating a Next Step Strategy – Building the equity value of your company to enable you to sell at the highest possible price point if you are a business owner, or increase your personal value and options for the future if you are a large corporate employee.

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